The perfect recipe for innovation does not exist

Smartangle News • 5 May, 2020

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How many times did someone ask you a recipe and you didn’t want to pass it? And how many times you missed exactly that ingredient that makes your biscuits so tasty? I’m sure it happened to some of you. I mean of being jealous of your own recipes, maybe inherited from your mother, or grandmother.

As well as it happens with recipes, it happens with business practices, with the new models you created within your company, or with that great process that made your production line much more efficient.

Thinking about this, and being exposed to the so high number of information, practices, material, which has lately been made available from consultants, companies, publishers, universities and similar, I would like to share a couple of thoughts.

Well, I’ve seen, in the last few weeks, so many professionals running online webinars, making interviews, giving the online floor to this or that expert, or sharing their products or services for free. This puzzled me a lot, since I did not really understand what was the real goal in doing that.

Some will not even reply to such question, and those are the ones that had a hidden scope, or simply because they were doing some easy marketing. Some could reply: “This is my job.” Some others could say: “We did it for solidarity!” This is great, chapeau. But, then I ask myself: why you did it right now, and not earlier? What is different now?

It is trivial to say again that the scenario has changed, so many of you had to rethink their business, their value propositions, since your core was, as mine, the direct contact with people. Therefore, it is not my intention to deny I did the same, thinking about how to keep my business alive, and following the crowd.

But I also thought about how to be different. I said it in a previous post on my blog, that we tried to do something different with Smartangle and with the Enablers.

We did not follow the chimera of “the perfect recipe.” We followed so many webinars, online events, and so many of them were focused on providing companies with some tools to think about the future scenarios, the new business models, and so on and so forth. Here as well, chapeau, but this is not my cup of tea. I thought this approach was too easy and confusing for a customer.

I always worked with a collaborative approach, I always shared my network, my methodologies, my tools and any material I created. Thus, for me nothing new! I did not flag around “I have the perfect recipe!” Mine is a different approach.

I preferred to talk directly and very clearly with my customers, saying that a perfect recipe is something that should be created and adapted to the context, to the ingredients, to the chef’s experience and, above all, to the way a company keeps experimenting, without giving up. This is the difference amongst a tavern and a starred restaurant. Why?

Simply because there is no perfect recipe. There is no consultant owning the exact solution for you. Do not trust who says they have it, it is simply not true.

Solutions shall be searched within the problem’s context, and identified by understanding the latter very well. Solutions shall be approached in the right way, in order to develop and make them effective. Solutions shall be tested, and then implemented and scaled up. This is why, from me and us at Smartangle, you will never hear: “We have the solution for you!” On the contrary, we will work together, side by side with you, to create the best, the most perfect, recipe for your business. It will make you invincible, able to take the right decisions, and able to change whenever you will figure out the way you do is not the right one.

You will do, with us. You will put your hands on it. You will find the best path to follow, an ad hoc methodology and tools, and maybe some other travel mates. Because innovation is a journey to grow and achieve a goal. Despite the hurdles you will face, as COVID today, you will always be able to decide to take a different way, avoid pits, go around ravines, take off-roads…but you will keep going to reach your destination. This is what you entrepreneurs, managers and professionals are going to find at Smartangle. No readymade soup, but just a travel mate to create your perfect recipe.