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9 Great Link Building Tactics That a Law Firm Can Use for SEO.
Having reputable links shows that your sites content can be trusted, hence placing you above your competitors. Below are nine strategies for building backlinks to your website. Get your website listed in law firm directories. When your website is listed in an online law firm directory, your visibility to potential clients will increase. To get listed in a directory, you will have to fill a short form. There are many law firm directories that you can submit your website. Some trusted online legal directories include,,,, attorneyatwork, and Get backlinks from authority websites. Research sites that are leaders in the legal industry. Getting published on these sites takes hard work since they have a high barrier to entry. Many law firms do not bother to get links from these sites due the difficulty. However, if you want to see results, you need to put in the effort. Your website will rank well on Google when you succeed to get published on one of these reputable sites. Write guest posts for reputable websites. Rather than waiting passively for other webmasters to link to your website, write original, educative and inspiring content that is relevant to your industry.
law firm link building
6 Under-tapped Tactics for Authoritative Legal Backlinks with Guides and Case Studies.
This suggests that the awards page may actually have higher Citation Flow and Trust Flow than even the homepage! In short, the page might have a higher number of websites linking to it and also more authoritative links than the homepage. The page outperforms the rest of the website. Thats how powerful this strategy can get. Resource page legal backlinks. Some university and government websites have resource pages. Resource pages have just one purpose-to give backlinks! Assuming the resource page is in good standing with Google, your job is to get whoevers incharge of the page to link to your site. How do you do it? Use these search phrases to find relevant legal or law resource pages.: site .edu: law inurl links.: site .edu: legal inurl resources.: site .edu: law inurl resources.: site .edu: legal inurl links.: site .gov: law inurl links.: site .gov: legal inurl resources.: site .gov: law inurl resources.: site .gov: legal inurl links.: The SERP shows a good list of edu law resource pages. Open the most relevant results from your search. For this example, I used Fisher Colleges Law Resources. Youll first want to verify that they link to commercial websites not just other edu and gov resources.
Link Building Digital Marketing Services for Lawyers.
Scan My Law Firm. Legal SEO Store. Intake Management Software Guide. Want us to Speak? Link Building for Lawyers. As a lawyer, you know the importance of networking. Link building utilizes networking and negotiating to increase your website traffic and your brand visibility.
An Introduction to Link Building for Law Firms - Nanato Media Blog.
Best-selling book: Beyond Se Habla EspaƱol: How Lawyers Win The Hispanic Market. In Camera Podcast: Private Legal Marketing Conversations. Solar Energy Bilingual Digital Marketing. Healthcare Bilingual Digital Marketing. An Introduction to Link Building for Law Firms. An Introduction to Link Building for Law Firms. July 27, 2020. Legal Marketing, SEO. In its official statements, Google doesnt seem to be in favor of link building, but at the same time, law firms with a strong link building strategy perform better in their SEO. Search Engine Optimization for law firms is a complicated task that takes time, requires commitment, and significant investment. In previous articles, weve explored the value of content management for law firms especially amid COVID-19, and weve explained that content is king, but most of the time this isnt enough to succeed in SEO. No matter if Google has been monitoring link building strategies, and often discouraged certain practices, were able to tell that law firm websites with strong, and valuable links perform better.
21 Law Firm Link Building Tactics by Matt Green.
Do something valuable for your law school. Help young lawyers and law students. Start a Meetup group. Comment on legal blogs. Philanthropic Link Building. Host a Free Cab Ride Program. Donate time and/or money to a local cause you believe in. Create a Scholarship Contest in your Firms Name.
Law Firm SEO Best Practices and Tips Clio UK.
Link building is a time-intensive process, but it yields results. Link building should involve doing things that dont just earn you links, but also earn your law firm other types of exposure. Here are a few places that your law firm might be able to get some links.: Offer free legal expertise or analysis to a local media organisation. Write interesting blog articles related to your legal expertise, and ask your network to share them or better yet, make them so good that people share them without being asked. Present at local events. For more link-building ideas that will boost your law firms SEO, check out this discussion of the latest and most effective link-building tactics right now.
SEO for Law: The Complete Guide - LinkBuilding HQ.
3.4 Local SEO for Law Firms. 3.4.1 Google My Business.: 3.4.2 Local Directories.: 3.5 Link Building. 3.6 Measure Performance and Adapt Accordingly. What is Law firm SEO? Law firm SEO refers to a set of techniques and best practices that can help your law website rank high and obtain a first page position on Google SERPs for people who are looking to hire legal services.
Website Link Building For Law Firms and Attorneys.
We will work closely with partner sites to increase the number of quality links that are directed to your website. Well also work hard to identify any links that are coming from undesirable locations and get them removed. We look at a wide array of factors when constructing relevant backlinks.: How will the link fare on Googles Quality Score? Is the link on a site that is relevant to your practice and is the content where the link is found relevant? What is the anchor text of the link the actual words that make up the link text? Are the links from a wide range of sources? Contact to Start Your Online Marketing Campaign. To learn more about our services and how we can help you, call 817-359-7030 or send us an e-mail. GetLegal Attorney Directory. Geo-Specific Placement Attorney Profile with Aggregated Review Rating Access to Highly-Motivated Legal Consumers. Legal Marketing Blog. Current Trends in Search Engine Optimization for Attorneys. Using Digital Analytics to Build Your Law Firms Client Base.
How To Get The Highest-Quality Backlinks for Your Law Firm's' Website.
Look for directory-type websites that will allow you to submit your website URL. Also checking out what your competitors sites are listed and exploring what they are doing with their website is one of the best ways to easily and quickly target link opportunities. An offsite competitive analysis requires a link building tool and a little elbow grease. Check out how to do a competitive analysis for more information. How To Do A Competitive Analysis. SEO vs SEM Infographic By Sarah Eshiwani. Five Mistakes Lawyers Make Online By David DiGregorio. How to Optimize Your Firms Site for Better Search Rankings By Celia Colista. How to Find the Right SEO Service Provider for Your Law Firm By Tricia Abney. 5 Reasons Your Website is Not Ranking in Google By Michael O'Grady.' Subscribe for more. Get our regular email on legal trends, research and tips.
Law Firm Authority Link Building Chooz Marketing.
After developing a customized content strategy and starting the outreach process, we will begin providing your law firm with monthly reports about the links we have secured. Also, you will be able to see the type of content we are using to build your firm's' authority. The process of building authority through link building and other promotional techniques is ongoing.
Local Link Building for Law Firms Works. Facebook. LinkedIn. Twitter. YouTube.
There are some interesting insights with respect to how SEOs view ranking factors, and more specifically, content and link building. Nonetheless, I stand by my statement: meh, links. In my view, high-quality local law firm link building drives most of the SEO value for a law firm website.
Law Firm Link Building - Is It Necessary? - Media Elements.
Why is link building important? As mentioned above, things like Google AdWords are very competitive and expensive for lawyers and law firms. When done right, SEO is a lot more affordable and has the potential to deliver significantly better results.

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