Innovation mapping 

an easy tool to get a snapshot of your business

Smartangle News • Mar, 2020 • #4

Innovation mapping tool for your business. Today we are going to talk about our innovation mapping, an easy tool we have developed to get a snapshot of your business.

Innovation is a buzz word by now. We all know that. Company websites, slogans, payoffs or whatever identifies the identity of a brand is anyway using such word.

But are you really innovative? And how do you know that? What are the real roadblocks to your innovation?

There are quite some metrics and tools nowadays, that pretend to help you and your business in understanding how innovative you are. Some are quite valid, while some others are just a lovely waste of time.

At Smartangle we have developed our own tool which is the very first step in the journey we are going to do with our customers. All companies that have used it till now, found out something unexpectedly.

A strategic plan missing; some employees that are working against company interest; some departments completely disconnected from the rest of the company; closed silos. These are just some examples of what pops-up after the mapping is over.

How does the tool work?

No science fiction, it is a survey, that can be done online or offline, depending on the number of people. What makes it strong and extremely valid is the process behind it.

We start addressing several “innovation compartments” in the tool, asking questions that point at understanding: i) a personal point of view, and ii) how the employee thinks the company is doing.

It helps understanding the criticality of some white spots that we detect along the way, and how priorities are linked to those. Once done, the full result is shown in a bubble graph that clearly shows, at a glance, how big is the issue.

The bubble graph is quite shocking, when it detects something unexpected. It shows where the issue is positioned, and how serious it is. Indeed, a mix of criticality and priority returns the seriousness of the issue.

In this picture is shown the seriousness of a lack of a strategic plan for a company. We detected it because employees where completely unclear on where the company was going.

Once in front of such issues, top management is literally forced to act very seriously, and take immediate actions to solve them.

Why should you use it?

The answer is trivial. Because with no clear understanding of your real situation, you cannot take any effective action. Or, even worse, you are may be acting on something that is not your real problem. For us, this is the essence to #innovatesmarter.

As you all know, spotting the real issue, and giving it a clear weight, is essential to understand how your company performs when it comes to innovation.

If you are serious about innovation, and it is not just marketing, you should come and try it.