IKEA and LEGO® open innovation school

Smartangle News • Oct, 2020

IKEA and LEGO open innovation school lesson. Two big corporates teaching how to do open innovation and their new product for families.

Not so new the one of IKEA and LEGO® open innovation school lesson, but still quite intriguing. I detected it some months ago, when I published an article (in Italian) on EconomyUp. Now those rumours turned real.

Finally the brand new Bygglek brick-box was born. It has the typical unreadable name, as we are used to from IKEA, but now it is official in the news in summer. We found out on the well-known website of Ikea Hackers back in July, and shared a post on our blog and LinkedIn.

But why this news is so interesting, at least according to me? Well, there are at least a few reasons. Let’s try to list some of them below.

Open innovation school

Both companies gave us a great lesson of open innovation and co-development of a product (let’s see in a few months how successful though). Of course, malicious people will say: “For these companies, it’s quite easy to do so.” STOP THERE! It is not that easy, believe me, and I know it by experience, being involved in some projects with my former employer, a corporate too.

Why this, because it is not easy at all to set such a strategic partnership, at this level at least. Think just about the governance, or about managing revenues, managing the project itself, the IPs, and many more aspect as we speak.

Here, I just want to stress that we had a remarkable example of open innovation school, with a masterpiece that came out.


These two mega-brands are going to revitalise the family concept, and the way people spend quality time in their own, with their children, and, above all, to feel this.

Nowadays, where digital devices are dominating our lives, and behaviours, it is not unusual to see kids and parents staring at their screens. For this reason, these two corporations are willing to push the concept of “staying with family“, to have fun and socialise (maybe leaving smartphones on the table for a while).


Immediately linked to the family concept and staying together, there is the concept of play. The not so easy job here is to bring back what “playing together” means, how it is important to have such socialising moment within families, having fun and sharing quality time.

This is for sure one of the flagship of LEGO®. Indeed, getting back to play “live” with bricks and socialising with others, is one of the main goals of the brand, which also helped the company to get out of the past dark times, which started right at the origins of the video games business.

Creativity and imagination

As good practitioner and facilitator of LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method, and as a fan, I cannot miss this additional reason. The exercise these two companies are undertaking makes also the point on how this product will be used for a number of things. So, it won’t just be a box, but more a micro-environment where to play, and not just for kids, but also for their parents that will have fun with them, while freeing up their creativity and imagination.

I believe I gave enough reasons, for now, to state loudly what is in the title. Let’s see how will be the future of Bygglek and the new LEGO® kits. And for sure, when I will get one in my hands, I will let you know more.