A Game Changer to boost your business

Smartangle News • Mag, 2020

A game changer can boost your business. The game changer is a talent, and as such he shall think out of the boxes, but be careful, he is difficult to manage.

Some time ago, I spoke about the role of the Game Changer (Economy Up), how this talent could help boosting your innovation, and to think about what will come very next.

As said, the game changer is a talent, and as such he shall be a rebel and think out of every box. This talent is, as well, also exceptional. This means he is much more than an innovation manager and, surely, different from any kind of innovator.

Across the literature you can find references to game changers as products, or services, which are able to anticipate the future, adding a very high value. I mean, iPod has been a game changer, as it was Napster in music sharing, or MySpace, now cannibalised by Facebook, which has definitely a much more social business model.

Often, you will find such products as examples in articles talking about disruptive innovation, or breakthrough. But I do not really care about the products, and how they changed our life style, but I would like to focus on the thinking “human being” that was able to think them out.

I will then transfer this concept to a business-like context. Here we are facing a person who is able to think at 360 degrees, and not only laterally. A game changer represents an exceptional talent, as said above, which is constantly thinking beyond the boundaries, challenges the status quo, and has a very long sight.

In the article I previously wrote, I used the acronym SMARTS (Simple – Meaningful – Actionable – Relational – Transformational – Scalable), taken from the “product world”, as well. With it ,I traced the main characteristics of the game changer. Here, I would like to go further, and try to think about what a game changer represents, as a resource for the business… and why not, try to anticipate that hiring this talent it is not a walk in the park.

Someone could say: “so, the game changer is simply an innovator”. No way, it’s much more!


He is a person able to look very far, 10 or 20 years from now. He understands how consumers’ habits and behaviours will change, and how they will interact with technologies. He is able to identify new paradigms, new trends, and he pragmatically translates them into new opportunities.

He is a REBEL

He is real rebel, a person that shall be properly valued and nurtured. He shall be able to “express” himself. Managing a game changer is not easy, at all, and you will need quite strong leadership skills. You will need to bring him back to the ground, sometimes, since he thinks and works at a much higher level. He fights for his ideas, and he is able to bring them live, showing the real value and anticipating times. His ideas shall also be properly managed, because, maybe, market is not ready, or marketing is not ready, or the company itself.

He is a LEADER

This means the game changer can also change the entrepreneur’s vision. He will let innovation managers dream, and will lead engineers into the far future. This figure does not have a specific background, but his hard skills will surely contaminate his thoughts.

As a final remark, if you are thinking to bring this figure into your business, or let him emerge from the bottom of your organisation, beware that he will push and challenge you. He will mess up the way you work, and for sure he will challenge also your patience, sometimes.

He will anyway have a disrupting impact, he will boost your business, and, with the right empowerment, he will create numbers of new opportunities… and I speak by experience.

Are you ready for this challenge? If so, we can help you. Let’s get in touch.