the smartest and quickest way to untangle your innovative potential and exploit it to the maximum

Untangle your innovative potential

with a smart and easy process

We believe a tangle of innovation is something that holds back many companies from exploiting their true innovative potential. The tangle of innovation is a blocking hurdle to your innovation process. By using our SPEED process to look at the way you innovate from a different angle, you will unlock your company’s maximum potential.

Identifying hidden potential is not an easy job, and probably you do not even know these opportunities exist. Our innovation management toolbox will enable you to easily identify them, and in combination with the SPEED process, you will innovate in a faster, smarter and more cost-effective way.

SPEED is the smartest way to structure your innovation process with five simple steps, and standardize the way you are going to innovate within your company. With SPEED you will be able to untangle your innovation by a fast, smart and lean stepwise approach, which will enable you to quickly understand if your innovation will turn into a success, or if you should change route and pursue other ways.

We are innovators like you!

We are visionaries looking at how innovation will transform business and organisations. We strongly believe that without innovation companies are doomed to irrelevance as the market changes around them. Therefore, any company must innovate, regardless of its size, or the availability of resources and time.

We are game changers, bringing a new perspective to your own picture, and a fresh look at the way you innovate. We will be at your side, whenever you decide to start your journey of embracing an efficient, effective and lean approach to innovation, in order to exploit your full innovative potential.

Together we will help your company grow by innovating at a much faster pace, by optimising costs, creating the highest impact and reducing the time-to-market. We will show you the way for streamlining your tangle of innovation and let you use your hidden potential to the maximum.

We will challenge your company by pushing your limits. We will let you cross the boundaries and look far into your innovative future. We will bring you a new way of approaching innovation, by means of an easy and smart way of managing it (using the SPEED process).

We believe in the “fail fast” approach for being right first time, and for such reason we use fast cycles of trials and errors to know immediately if you are going in the right direction.

Our Toolbox

Ecosystem building 

Innovation is not possible without collaboration, and you have  to be able to create your own ecosystem for growing.

Problem solving

Every company has issues and challenges, to solve them you need to exploit the “power" of your employees and your ecosystem.

Open innovation

Open innovation means to exploit your own ecosystem for accelerating your growth.

Opportunities assessment

When an opportunity comes, you need an effective preliminary assessment to make clear if it is going to impact your business.

Innovation strategy

In order to grow, you need innovation, and in order to innovate you need a clear strategy  for your company. 


Innovation means challenging your limits and being able to transform your culture, your mindset and the whole company.

Business process

Innovation is not just having a great idea, but it is a clear process that supports you from the idea creation till its commercialisation.

Innovation kit

In many cases, having a simple kit for starting up an innovation project could be the right kick off to start your journey.

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